Repairing Buildings, Restoring Lives

In 1995, Ricky Tan, a graduate of Bethany, and his wife Lay Hwa began Care Corner Orphanage with 28 boys and girls.  Since then, one thousand children have been cared for.  Much of Care Corner’s growth is the result of the growing number of children from families who have been devastated by drug addiction, poverty, or HIV/AIDS. The orphanage also provides shelter for children in danger of being lured into sex trafficking and prostitution. At present, there are more than eighty children who are being cared for in two homes.

The aim of Care Corner is to raise these children as godly young men and women whose lives will bear witness to the life-changing power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. To this end, they are taught biblical principles of spiritual development and provided with quality education and primary health care. They also receive vocational training.

Several of the orphanage buildings are in need of repair at a cost of $10,000. We have already sent $5000 so they can begin the work, but we would like to be able to send an additional $5000 so that all the repairs can be done.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Alec D. Brooks